The designer Outdoor Sébastien Habert entrusts about his work: «it is indispensable to connect man to Nature; it treats the soul». The virtuoso landscaper is passionate about botany and ecology. He designs iconic spaces in Paris and abroad and invents enchanting worlds through a subtle orchestration of plants. He combined and captured his sensitivity to details, that of mastering know-how by collaborating with craftsmen of Art. To set the right tone for his creations, Sébastien Habert always places the clientele at the centre of his creative approach, which he wants to be open to emotions and the spirit of the place.
The staging of the plant guides him towards a quest for perfection motivated by an exclusive search.
His demand and ethics enabled him to acquire a prestigious clientele. Sébastien Habert offers excellent service and unique know-how by creating a customized garden. The notion of timelessness guides his work, unanimously plebiscited for its singularity and elegance of his creations. The latter also develops floral scenographies, prodigious plant decorations and dazzling plant walls for luxury hotels.