Conceptual Design Studies


Diagnosis of your ideas

Whether it is for the development of your garden or your terrace we accompany you in all the stages of your project.
A first visit will enable us to see the site and understand your expectations. Our aim in preparing a study is to answer the programmatic data and the specific context of each site, taking into account your wishes.

At the end of this meeting, we will be able to balance the singularity of your space in order to create a unique place which suits you.

Design of your garden and budgetary approach.

The vision of transforming a site includes studying its history, its geography, its geology, it requires a multidisciplinary, cross sectional reading , as comprehensive as possible. Studying its feasibility , enables the Agency to elaborate a proposal for a landscaping design concept . The creative approach is based on the connection between architecture and nature, the layout of the structure, the harmony of its proportions, the valuation of the prospects.

After an in-depth analysis, we shall choose together the materials and plants which will make up your new landscaped area.

Our graphic artists will create a visual, detailing all the selected species. The overall survey is subject to a fee which will be deducted upon validation of the project. We give you a clear and detailed estimate with a completion date.

Conceptual Design Studies


Completion of your project

Our approach enables us to build a synopsis to give meaning to the living space.

Out of concern for precision, coherence and quality, great attention is given to detail, the finishing touches and the implementation of each project. Our aim is to bring out and enhance your exterior to make your gardens and terraces a new unique place to live in.


In order to ensure the durability of your outdoor spaces, the Sébastien Habert Agency also establishes maintenance contracts ,taylor made and adapted to your needs. May it be for regular or periodic services, our collaborators will carry out thinning, pruning, mowing and weeding work with the greatest respect of the plant heritage.